The City We Were Leaving

Liem and I were the first couple from Origins to be married at St Paul's in Chelsea, in October of 2007. At the time this church was small and full of artists and dreamers who wanted the kingdom of God to break out in our city. Our wedding was extra special because Jon Tyson married us, and he knew who we were, he was a part of our lives. It was a chance for us to show our Buddhist parents what God's love can do. They saw the community rally around us, celebrate with us. They saw our community love us well that day.

I remember the first time Liem and I stepped into a life group for married couples. There was only one, on the UWS at the Tyson's place on 102/Broadway. We had been married four weeks, had just come back from our honeymoon and had no idea how to be married and follow God. We didn’t grow up with a model for being in a Christ centered marriage. At that group, we met Won and Caroline Kim, which was probably the most influential couple for us at the time. That group later blessed our mission trip to Southeast Asia, they loved us well, we grew together, we laughed together, we cried together. It was amazing. When we decided to move to Thailand, we found out I was pregnant. That group prayed us into Thailand. They literally spurred us on towards love and good deeds. They prayed blessings and protection over us and gave us the courage to step out and go. We had God's grace and protection.

The day we left for Thailand, after we emptied our apartment, and all we had was a borrowed blow up mattress, Liem and I curled up and cried for the city we were leaving. I was 7 months pregnant with Siam.

The roots are deep.
People come and go, this is a transient city.
But God always shows up.

This is the city where we found Him. Where we found each other. And we are so humbled and blessed to have been there in the beginning. And to be back here, now. God is faithful.