The Suit

What an amazing journey the past nine years has been! The chance to do life with a ragtag group of the most passionate followers of Jesus I have ever encountered has been a joy and a privilege. Our little urban tribe quickly welcomed me ("the suit") into what was then a family primarily of creatives as our church took those early steps, and it has done the same for countless others in the decade since.

My love for our community was so deep and my vocational discipleship so robust (as I learned to move toward "the redemptive edge" of my industry) that I made a move to D.C. for a dream job that turned into a storytelling tour, sharing the ways God was moving in NYC. "Wait, you're from that church in NYC that does missional communities?!?! Do you have time for coffee? We have heard about you." I attended 3-4 services and two small groups weekly in attempt to replace the nourishment I received at TGC. Long story short: I moved back.

TGC is not about a specific pastor or neighborhood. It is about living as passionately engaged disciples of Christ who walk intentionally alongside each other as we join His work of renewal and restoration in our city’s neighborhoods, its industries, and in the lives of its people.