For us, joining God in the renewal of all things means bringing The Truth to this city. That Truth is that God is Love, He is alive, and He is present. We feel called to try to discern where the Father is working/revealing Truth, and step in through relationships. Sometimes this is through meals with coworkers, sometimes it’s through service to our neighbors, sometimes it’s through a crisis moment with a person on the street

Part of Joe’s specific calling to join God in the renewal of all things is bringing that Truth to his sphere of influence on Wall Street, living out and sharing the gospel in front of and with colleagues who don't know Jesus yet and by leveraging a growing Christian network in global business and finance. One of the powerful and practical implications of this renewal is that the supposed primary motivating forces on Wall Street, fear and greed, are being replaced by love in one heart after another.  Pray that as His Truth permeates more lives and unifies more Christians in finance, and that love will become the dominant motivating force across Wall Street.

God has continued to bring us into these moments

…over these last 10 years, God has continued to bring us into these moments, particularly when we are sensitive to what He is doing and willing to follow His lead. We have seen ordinary New Yorkers transforming before our eyes into passionately engaged followers of Jesus! The joy of witnessing these transformations and walking with these new disciples has been life-giving to us and we want to continue that the rest of our lives in this city.