Without End

June 12, 2009 a sweltering early summer day. Members of all existing parishes gathered at St. Paul's in Chelsea (at that time un-airconditioned) for a special Citywide Worship. We were recording our church’s first worship album that night, so the even the windows had to be sealed for sound isolation.

We joined voices, everyone in the room had an impromptu harmonies lesson, and a beautiful night of worship unfolded. Our very literal sweat went into making this record and we are grateful to have it as a tangible memory of God’s good gift of creativity and artistry. 

We want to lift our voices, lift our hearts, and join that song.

During the recording, founding pastor Jon Tyson addressed those gathered:

"We’re not just here in an old church in Chelsea singing songs tonight.
We’re joining the saints of God from all of history.
We’re joining the angels.
We’re joining the multitude before the throne of God.
And we’re joining a song that’s already been sung.

"This is what it says in Hebrews 12:
'You’ve come to Mount Zion to the heavenly Jerusalem,
To the city of the living God.
You’ve come to thousands upon thousands of angels in joyful assembly.
To the church of the firstborn whose names are written in heaven.
You’ve come to God the judge of all men.
To the spirits of righteous men made perfect.
To Jesus the mediator of a New Covenant
And to the sprinkled blood that speaks a better word than the blood of Abel.'

"We want to lift our voices, lift our hearts, and join that song."

In 2011, we recorded a second churchwide album, We Sing As One. And today, songwriting from within our community continues to be an important part of worship at Trinity Grace Church.